“Turn your kids carpooling wait time into exercise time.” - Laura Reavis, Owner & Founder

The New Road to Flatter Abs

The Carpool Abs® exercise program is your expressway to curves, flat abs and toned muscles! The exercises are easy to do and will give you the results you want. Best of all, they don’t require the purchase of any equipment or special exercise clothing and are budget-friendly. Carpool Abs® will easily fit into your schedule because you can do them anywhere and everywhere you have time on your hands -- especially while sitting in your car!

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As with any exercise program, you should seek the advice of your healthcare provider before starting.

With Carpool Abs® there’s no equipment to be purchased! No special workout clothing required!

When doing Carpool Abs® exercises in the car, make certain the ignition is off or the car is in park and your foot is off the accelerator! Want a leaner, more toned, healthier, sexier you, but just can’t fit a workout at the gym into your busy schedule? Turn your carpooling wait time into exercise time with Carpool Abs®.

You can have a more sculpted body with flatter abs and defined arms using Carpool Abs® - a simple, no nonsense approach to toning and strengthening your core muscles to aid spinal stability and build core strength.

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“I never thought I’d be able to get a balanced and toned body after my children were born. With their busy schedules, I was always chauffeuring them somewhere. Then I discovered Carpool Abs. These fantastic exercises really helped me define my arms and abs. And the results are really amazing!”
- Sally Franklin, Mother of Four