About Laura Reavis
Creator, Owner and Founder of Carpool Abs®

Laura Reavis is a busy mother who lives in the Midwest with her husband and three grown sons. She was always interested in physical fitness and health but had to give up her personal gym workouts in her 30’s and 40’s to become a carpool mom. With three active boys it seemed she was always taking them to activities and waiting in the car to pick them up.

Now on the road to 50, she still keeps a crazy schedule and knows how easy it is to give up on an exercise routine. But she found a way to make her busy schedule work for her – doing exercises while waiting in her car!

How did she do it?

“At age 36 it became more difficult for me to find time to get to the gym. Between work, volunteering and family responsibilities, it was a challenge to keep my body in shape,” Laura said. “When my boys were toddlers I had the luxury of working out for a couple hours while the kids spent time in the gym nursery.”

As the boys grew, their school schedules and sporting activities no longer allowed a set schedule to visit the gym. Laura was suddenly missing her own workouts. At that time Laura was the queen of junk food alley. “I loved my daily snickers bars, cinnamon rolls, brownies, ice cream, sour cream potato chips and more. Luckily this was at a time when I had the time to exercise,” she said. But Laura knew she needed to do something.

Laura used her healthcare and military background plus many years of research on exercise and nutrition to find what would be healthiest for her and still fit her busy schedule. She sought the advice of healthcare professionals, sports trainers, physical therapists and sports physiologists.

“Since I didn’t have time to spend in the gym, I had to get creative with the time I had available,” Laura said. Thru years of trial and error, and reading hundreds of articles and books, Laura learned there are important key aspects to working out that will increase muscle tone and definition.

How did Laura create Carpool Abs?

“Carpool Abs® was a simple transition of thought,” Laura said. “I always had conversations with God when I was at a red light and had taught my children to say a prayer whenever we heard a fire truck or an ambulance siren for those who were in need.

After the births of my three children I evolved my red light stops into secretly doing my Kegel’s in the car. I hated doing them and could never seem to fit them in.” It wasn’t until after Laura had a hysterectomy and her lower back started bothering her that the idea of doing stomach workouts in the car came about. “It’s a fact that strong core muscles help back issues and my lower back was definitely an issue, especially when I was in the car. Once I started doing my core exercises, my lower back pain subsided and my arm and leg exercises fell into place as well.”

Laura’s personal program was such a success her friends started saying “I can’t believe how toned your arms and abs are. I know you don’t work out that much so what you are doing?” They thought she had a personal trainer. Laura shared the secret of how she created her abs of steel. Her friends have since learned the Carpool Abs® exercises and are thrilled with the great results!

Carpool Abs® helped redefine Laura’s abdominal muscles and tone the rest of her body. “The exercise plan is the result of many years of personal research and a journey to find out how to be the healthiest person possible,” Laura said. “I am not a professional trainer, just a mother who looked for a way to fit an exercise program into a crazy schedule.”

Now Laura is addicted to her Carpool Abs® workout. “It’s easy, fun and requires little time to perform the exercises. I do them in the strangest places, not just in the car. (It’s my own personal quirk; it’s like the mental high I would get from a really good run.) It has become a personal challenge to hold my abs in at all times almost in the ready position for the next time I might do my abs workout.”

Learn how to turn your wasted carpool time into a sexy, toned and fit body by using Carpool Abs®.

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