Fitness Tips

When working out, focus on the muscle group you are targeting by thinking about the muscles and engaging them as you execute the action. And as always engage the abs to provide stability and support.

Take the stairs to the next floor not the elevator. Turn the steps into a step bench by tightening your core and increasing the muscle tension in your legs as you take each step, creating slight resistance.

Digging in the kitchen cabinet for something to cook? As you grab for that can of goodies, tighten your arm muscles and use resistance to pull that can out of the cabinet, creating a modified bicep curl.

Have you considered using the steps in your home as a lunge aid? By placing one foot on the bottom step, and the other slightly behind you, toes about even with the front of your knee as it bends. Contract your core muscles tight, tucking your bum down creating a neutral spine, bend your knees creating about a 90 degree angle. You can then proceed with the traditional lunge up and down movement or just hold for a hip flexor stretch. To add to the toning, engage the legs for tension and resistance. Do 1 to 5 reps then repeat with the other leg. You can use the wall and stair rail for balance and support.

In the heat of this summer, remember to protect your body and face with sunscreen, and hats. No reason to add to unnecessary skin damage and wrinkles.