How It Works

As with any exercise program, you should seek the advice of your healthcare provider before starting.

The Carpool Abs® exercise program can create a leaner, more toned, sexy body.

When doing Carpool Abs® exercises in the car, make certain the ignition is off or the car is in park and your foot is off the accelerator!

Carpool Abs® will help you exercise your muscles while spending time in your car. Most of these exercises work really well in the car but can also be done in the home. The program includes a few quick bun burners and arm toners that also can be done in the car but are more effective in the bathroom before you shower. All of these exercises will aid in toning your arms, legs and those troublesome glutes.

The exercises start with good cleansing breaths, followed by one or more activities where a muscle or groups of muscles are tightened and held. The exercises include repetitions – fewer for beginners to more repetitions for the experienced Carpool Abs user. The exercises are specially designed for the muscles in the body that may have broken down after having children, inactivity or simply due to age.

No special workout clothing is required. Casual or business attire work fine for all of the excercises. Chances of breaking a workout sweat are slim, but the odds of getting sore muscles are extremely high if you do the exercises correctly.

The more you do these exercises and you start seeing the results the more your spirit drives you to continue. My link includes Carpool Abs, Breaker Buns, Accelerator Calves, Coffee Break Bi’s and Kegel Crackers.

Carpool Abs will help you get toned in no time! These easy exercises enhance and tone your body and stature. The exercises can be done in your home or car and work well for both men and women. They take no exercise equipment or special exercise wardrobe and are a creative use of your time.

Carpool Abs® is a complete body workout!

Available in a full CD with comprehensive Mini Exercise booklet with illustrations.

Track List:

1. Directions
2. Breathing Awareness
3. Kegel Krackers
4. Muscle Map Preview Section
5. Bathroom Track- Learning the Techniqes
6. Floor Ab Basics
7. Floor Ab Advanced Workout
8. Excercising Abs
9. Advanced Ab Workout
10. Coffee Break Bi's (Biceps)
11. The Blinker (Rotator Cuff)
12. Tri Tri Again (Triceps)
13. The Accelerator (Quads)
14. Breaker Buns (Gluteus)
15. Place Kicker (Legs)